Monday, May 24, 2010

HelloYaya Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Helloyaya's soft sole shoes are shoes for infants and young walkers, up to 24 months old. The sole of the shoes are soft and made of anti-slip materials to enable them to sense the ground beneath their feet and to grasp with their toes as they learn how to walk.

The shoes are very light and made of leather to protect the delicate feet of the child. They are flexible and bend fairly easily in order not to restrict with the foot’s natural motion.

* Made entirely of natural leather. Lamb leather is used for the front and the side of the shoe, whilst cow suede leather is used for the sole.
* Soft and wide fit to allow growth
* Easy slip on and stays on (feature elastic ankle system)
* Adorable designs
* Washable by hand or machine
* Wide toe box to allow ample room for young toes to wiggle
* Skid resistant to prevent slipping

Medical experts and pediatricians recommend soft sole shoes for babies under two years old to promote healthy foot development.

PRICE: RM 36 for one

Sizes available:

11.5cm for 0-6 months baby
13cm for 6-12 months baby
14cm for 12-18 months baby
15cm for 18-24 months baby

Design Available :
Black lady (Mary Jane) - Large
Black Retro Flower - Large, X-Large
Pink Flower Butterfly - Large
Small Flower - Large, X-Large
Stripe Pink Adidas - Large, X-Large
Black Anchor Star - Large, X-Large
Beige Clover - Medium, Large, X-Large

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